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I’m a Brand Creator and Mystic Innovator whose sole purpose is to help humanity awaken to their truest selves. I work with thought leaders, world speakers, best selling authors, and cultural influencers.

If you’re looking to unearth what’s within, and awaken the soulful leader that you’ve always been, then you and I are meant to work together.

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Never experienced such a wide array of services at such high quality all in one place! Jonathan exceeded my expectations and wow'd me with his work!! Excellent!!!

Whit LasseterEmpowerment Coach, Trainer, Spokesmodel, Athlete

Having worked at several different boutique agencies, I can say with utmost certainty that Jon is one of the most genuinely creative people I've ever had the opportunity to collaborate with. He constantly looks at things from different perspectives to provide clients with unique solutions. Whether it's intricate illustration work, video production or developing a complete brand identity, he approaches each project with great strategic insight and passion.

Kendra MahonContent Strategist & Marketing Consultant

Jon has immense passion for what he does and it can clearly be seen in his outstanding work. He is inspiring on all levels and he really takes the time to get to know his clients inside & out!

Casandra KozakGraphic Designer

Jonathan Greye puts his heart and soul into everything he does, whether it is graphic design, creative videos or incredibly professional photos. He is absolutely a genius when it comes to coaching professionals on how to get their face and brand displayed to a global audience. I highly recommend his services, and I personally would only ever utilize his skills, for he is seriously A CREATIVE MASTERMIND !!!

Kat Von FrenckReiki Master Teacher & Founder of BORN2FLY Academy


From design, digital video, photography, and social media, I create brands that are integrative, cohesive, and memorable. Check out my full list of services below and see everything I have to offer.
Brand Discovery

Your Brand Discovery is the key to understanding who you are and what you wish to offer to the world. Your brand discovery is broken up into four parts which will act as our roadmap before we start visually creating your brand.

Brand Creation

Using your Brand Discovery as a blueprint, we’ll start manifesting your very own spiritual brand. We’ll create a brand book which will include your logo, fonts, and color palette.  This document will demonstrate how to communicate effectively with your new brand.

Brand Identity

After successfully creating your spiritual brand, it’s time to start making a mark. Your visual identity package will include business cards, stationary, email signatures, newsletter template, and social media graphics.

Brand Campaign

Creating a campaign for workshops, seminars, products and services is a great way for your brand to be seen. A campaign allows exposure of not just what you’re offering, but exposure of who you are and why you’re unique.

Web Design

It’s important to communicate to your audience authentically and honestly. Your website is your brands storefront. A great website set’s the standard for anyone who’s devoted to creating an impactful brand.

Graphic Design

Have a book that needs a cover design? Need a stylish presentation for your webinar? I offer a wide variety of design services to help you communicate your branded content.



Join me as I discuss strategies and processes to help you build your brand. Click the link below to listen to my latest maseterclass,

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Share your truth bravely. Stand out boldly